Topics: Aesthetics, Clothing, Female body shape Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Collette Dinnigan 2012/2013 collection.

The principles and elements of design that have been utilised to create this garment include Line, direction, texture, colour balance. The vertical lines created by the pleats of the peplum enhance the symmetrical, structured shape of the jacket, and emphasises the illusion of the small waist. The aesthetic pleasing aspect of this garment is the clever little frill called the peplum which softens the silhouette of the dress as opposed to it being a rectangle silhouette and emphasise feminism. The garment gives the wearer a balanced body proportion. It nips in the waist up high where the waist is the smallest and hangs low enough to cover the belly which is suitable for any body shape and size. The form fitting waistband provides the waist with a little more emphasise. The clean cut lines of the vest displays a tailored, professional look with good proportion of the female form. The shoulder pads inside the jacket allow the height and structure to the shape of the jacket. The French floral lace is an aesthetic aspect of the garment and one of Collette’s trademarks it is also what gives the jacket an interesting textural affect. The pleats of the jacket create a slimming affect to the top half of the body. . The hook and eye on the jacket helps secure the jackets to make the garment more secure against wearer’s body in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Collette Dinnigan Collection- Spring 2009 ready to wear

Collette Dinnigan has used the elements of design, line texture, shape, proportion, size and principles of design balance, centre of interest and harmony have been used to create this garment. The structure of this vest suggests masculinity in contrast to the beading which suggests feminity.The hand stitched sequins and beading show a sense of rhythm through the consistent beading patterns. The silhouette of the...
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