Motivation Letter For Master Program Fashion Design

Topics: Clothing, Textile, Felt Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: January 25, 2015

Since a few years I have a growing interest for technology and technical items. This started at secondary school by my interest for mathematics and science, and grew to computer technology and my graphic design education in university. Finally workplace environment in Apparel motivated to pattern making as well as haute couture/dressmaking. From this point my interest shifted to the field of technological materials in textiles and wearable electronics. In the last few months i have been orientating at the latest development at different companies. I searched different kinds of website whose work for textile development and innovator in the field of textile such as TNO textile development, Saxion Commercial Textile Management and Kwintest KLM work wear, Ten Cate Advanced Textiles and Ten Composites. All of these companies are not rally in fashion, but are innovators in the field of Textiles.

I am interested in the fashion branch, especially to work with textile and making forms on the human body. However, I am even more attracted to the more timeless branch to textiles. The fast production and the “no-time to waste because then this fashion is out”, what is made by the big fashion concerns is what i do not like in fashion. This does not correspond with the current trend of a sustainable world. I think the focus is fashion should be on protection, functionality, sustainability, quality and advanced capability of cloths.

I think it is very interesting to develop a collection with a technically high classed material (materials with very specific qualities). In my collection I would like to have a special focus on these qualities. Ten Cate Composites is producing a very special aramide and carbon material. This is used in airplanes and space industry. I would like to do research to see if these materials can be used for cloths. Because of the special qualities of the material, i would like...
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