Multiple Choice Questions on Post-Classical Era

Topics: India, China, Song Dynasty Pages: 3 (535 words) Published: December 15, 2013


1.In regard to political structure, postclassical India
a.rivaled Tang China in respect to size and administrative brilliance. b.developed no single centralized imperial authority.
c.copied the Chinese model after being conquered by the Tang. d.was most influenced by Byzantium.
e.was more similar to imperial Rome than to Tang China.

2.An invasion in 451 C.E. by the White Huns, began the collapse of the Gupta dynasty and a.began years of political chaos in northern India.
b.can be seen as the beginning of India’s Classical Era.
c.was the first time that China and India experienced hostility towards each other. d.the exchange of technology crucial to the economic success of Northern India. e.none of the above are correct.

3.When comparing northern and southern India during the postclassical era, it can be stated that a.the north remained unified while the south remained fragmented. b.the north fell under Chinese control.

c.the south suffered through far fewer invasions than the north did. d.the south remained unified while the north remained fragmented. e.the south fell under Byzantine control.

4.The Indian ruler Harsha was known for
a.his early conversion to Islam.
b.his cowardice in the face of a Chinese invasion.
c.his cruelty and his destruction of Buddhist temples.
d.his alliance with the Byzantines as a means of resisting Chinese aggression. e.his Buddhist faith and his benevolent treatment of his subjects.

5.In 711, the northern Indian area of Sind fell to which of the following Muslim empires? a.Abbasid dynasty.
b.Umayyad dynasty.
c.Tang dynasty.
d.Byzantine Empire.
e.Chola dynasty.

6.The most important trading port city in India from 500 to 1500 was a.Cambay.

7.Islam reached India by all of the following routes except a.conquest by Arabic invaders.
b.missionaries sent by...
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