My Terrifying Not So Great Experience In the Woods

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January 26, y

My Terrifying, Not So Great,Experience…In the Woods.

It was May 4, 2014 on a Sunday and we’ve just arrived the day before the table read in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was so humid and hot, it felt like my skin was melting off my bones. The city wasn’t like I’d imagine it would be like but it wasn’t so bad. I should probably tell you why my dad, my brother, and I were there in the first place. Well, my brother was there to shoot a movie called “MAX”, through this whole story I will explain

It was May 5, 2014 on a Tuesday, a couple days after the table read the cast had, and they finally started shooting the movie. It started off enjoyable, and peacefully. While my brother was shooting, my dad and I got to eat free food, kickback and watch the crew film. It was the same routine for weeks, until we found out they had to shoot the movie in the woods. At first, I told myself, “ The woods shouldn’t be that bad!” Or so I thought. When it was the first day shooting in the woods I was petrified. The bones inside my bones were shaking. There were spiders trying to camp out in my curly frizzy hair, insects I have never seen or heard of trying to crawl up nose, and black bees the size of my thumb telling me secrets in my ear. Not just that but we had to sit underneath a tree where there were spiders sliding down from their web trying to crawl on my shoulder. For me it wasn’t fun at all. After sitting in the woods for weeks for long terrifying hours, it felt like I lived in the woods. One thing about me, I am frightened by spiders and snakes so I was so adrenalized. From that day on, I started counting down the days in my head, and my head was so full of dates and months, that it felt like it was going to explode. So I counted, I just waited and waited till it was time to leave Charlotte, NC, and when it was finally time to go back home after 3 months in the woods I was so pleased. I packed my clothes in a suitcase so fast that by the time my...
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