Myers Brigg

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“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.” This is one of my favorite quotes I live my life by day-to-day. Your class has really inspired me to want to do my best and be my best to see what the future can hold for me. All the lessons I have learned this semester have really spoken to me in different ways and made me realize that I really want to start my own business. The first lesson that I really was taken back by was when we talked about “Personality”. I have always been very out going and had a lot of friends so I was really into learning how my personality works and how I can make it better. With the in class group assignment I had two of my really close friends in my group so it was very funny to see how we differed and how I was more on the sensing side of the Myers Brigg while my best friend Ashley was on the Intuition side. We work really well together and have done many group assignments in the past since we are in the same major. I always thought we balanced each other out in a sense but the test really made that clear. She would always do the basic outline of the project and I was always the one to pick out the specific details that we needed to include. Although at times she can want to jump off the deep in with a creative idea I seem to pull her back to realty and see if we can make it more like other projects that we have succeeded with in the past. This really helped when it came to our MVP in this class. Ashley wanted to go all out with the website while I was like “Ashley we need it to be easy for the customers to go through, that’s the whole point of this website” She then agreed and we settled on a creative but easy layout for our fashion website. Although our project was very simple to come up with because their were two fashion majors in the group and the other two team members were interested in fashion. The real lesson I learned from this class that really wasn’t in a so called lesson plan of yours was how to...
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