natural selection lab

Topics: Color, Reproduction, Textile Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 2, 2014

Lab #2 focused on the predator prey concept. Charles Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest is what was tested in this experiment. Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest states that the animals that are able to adapt to their environment the best are the ones who will survive and pass on those adaptations to their children. Animals adapt for many different reasons some of them might be to help defend against a predator, to be able to retrieve food more efficiently, or just to help them live in a harsher environment. The animals that are able to adapt to their situation the best are the ones that will be able to live on and reproduce the ones that are unable to will die off. In order to test this theory we used 100 paper chips ten of ten different colors and two different pieces of cloth to simulate an environment. We put the chips on the pieces of fabric and then turned around so we were not facing the fabric so when we turned to face it we could pick the first one we saw and then turn back around. We did this three times for each fabric. HYPOTHEISIS

Hypothesis 1- I believe that the darker colors will be harder to spot on the green fabric with the flowers on it. Hypothesis 2- I believe that the colors yellow, orange, and brown will do the best on the beige color cloth. MATERIALS AND METHODS

The first thing we did was lay the first piece of cloth (environment) on the table and spread out the 100 paper chips. The second thing we did was designate a person that told us when we would turn and pick up one paper chip. We repeated the picking up of the paper chips 25 times. After we finished our first round (25 chips per person) we separated the remaining chips we had by color and then counted them. Then we switched the person who played God and repeated. We did this a total of three times for each piece of cloth. After we finished the three rounds on the first cloth we followed the same process for our second piece of cloth....
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