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Now most students are stopping wearing the school uniform because its fashion is no more ''cool'' that is how they call it. More and more going on, the uniform will become much unused and this will stain a bad image of the school and its tutors as people will think that nothing is being done to solve this situation. I also personally think that the school uniform design should be reviewed as students of this college have been wearing it over fifty years.

I have done a survey of what new ideas they want to include in a new uniform. they want a dull colour uniform like a black colour. They also want new textures and the uniform should be like the old fashioned design. The students want expensive materials to be used to fabric the uniforms. I can go in each class and collect money to aid in buying the expensive materials so that it would be easier to finalise this project.

I will be receiving some models of uniforms by next week. I also suggest a new jacket to go along with the new school uniform. Then,We could do a competition of the school uniform and the winner would get a set of the school uniform. It will attract more students to enter the contest and it will be easier to chose which model uniform to fabric. Thus We won't need a professional designer.

I have also found some boys for a dress designing. They are willing to participate.

We would be grateful if you would approve our request.
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