Non-Verbal Communication

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Non Verbal Communication
Communication without using words called non-verbal communication. In this type of communication there is no use of either words or written message. Here message conveyed through body movements, paralanguage or by facial expressions. In the words of Thill and Bovee, “Non verbal communication is the process of communicating without words. “ Lesikar and Pettit said that,“Non verbal communication means all communication that occours without words” Example:

* A pounding first on a table means anger
* A forefinger and thumb touching to form a circle ‘means OK * V=Victory sign

In short we can say in non-verbal communication we convey message through body movements, paralanguage, facial expressions and by different symbols.

Different Types of Non Verbal Communication
We can express our feelings by our facial expression, eye movement, body movement or simply by touching others. So it can be observed that there are different types of non verbal communication. 

1.Facial Expression:
Face is the index of mind. It tells us what is happening within a man. Facial expression especially movements of eyes have different meanings. Happiness, Sorrow, Fear and all types of emotion can be expressed through our face and eyes.

2.Tone and volume of voice (Paralanguage):
Different tone of voice can create different meanings of same word. In the world of Leisker and Pettit, “Paralanguage involves how we say something.” Thus our interest or boredom, happiness or sorrow or any other attitudes can be expressed through pattern of voice. 3.Body Language:

One of the major types of non-verbal communication is body language or ‘Kinesics’. We can also communicate our inner feeling through body movements. Not only by face and eyes but can also convey message by moving our hands, by shaking our shoulders or by nodding our head. 4.Gestures:

A gesture is also a body movement but is a deliberate body movement to convey a specific message. Gestures...
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