Notes Chapter 10 Christianity

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Pope Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: December 17, 2014
AP WH Unit 3 AN AGE OF ACCELERATING CONNECTIONS 500–1500 The Worlds of European Christendom Connected and Divided, 500–1300 Chapter Learning Objectives
To examine European society after the breakup of the Roman Empire
To compare the diverse legacies of Rome in Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire
To explore medieval European expansion
To present the backwardness of medieval Europe relative to other civilizations, and the steps by which it caught up

Key Terms
Aristotle and classical Greek learning: Some works of the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322 b.c.e.) had always been known in Western Europe, but beginning in the eleventh century, medieval thought was increasingly shaped by a great recovery of Aristotle’s works and a fascination with other Greek authors; this infusion of Greek rationalism into Europe’s universities shaped intellectual development for several centuries. Byzantine Empire: Term used by modern historians to refer to the surviving eastern Roman Empire during the medieval centuries; named after the ancient Greek city Byzantium, on the site of which the Roman emperor Constantine founded a new capital, Constantinople, in 330 c.e. (pron. BIZ-an-teen) caesaropapism: A political-religious system in which the secular ruler is also head of the religious establishment, as in the Byzantine Empire. (pron. SEEZ-ar-oh-PAPE-ism). Charlemagne: Ruler of the Carolingian Empire (r. 768–814) who staged an imperial revival in Western Europe. (pron. SHAHR-leh-mane) Christianity, Eastern Orthodox: Branch of Christianity that developed in the eastern part of the Roman Empire and gradually separated, mostly on matters of practice, from the branch of Christianity dominant in Western Europe; noted for the subordination of the Church to political authorities, a married clergy, the use of leavened bread in the Eucharist, and insistence on church councils as the ultimate authority in Christian belief and practice. Christianity, Roman...
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