Nothing’s Wrong with Being a Hipster

Topics: Clothing, Goth subculture, Atheism Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Nothing’s Wrong with Being a Hipster
The word hipster was a slang word used in the early 1940s. It was derived from the word ‘hip’ – meaning cool, fashionably current and in the know - which became the adjective to describe those who became affectionate to the growing scene of jazz during that time. It soon acquired its suffix ‘ster’ to refer to city dwellers who listened to a particular style of jazz. Over time, the word hipster evolved and became more than just a term to call people who adhere to a specific approach to jazz. The people who loved jazz started wearing clothes that was out of the ordinary. They started having opinions on matters that did not complement those of the majority. Some were suddenly opposing the bible and questioning the existence of God. Some started to isolate themselves and only mingle with people like them.

It became a contemporary subculture that referred to young adults and teenagers all over the world who embraced the non-mainstream trend ranging from independent music, non-mainstream fashion trend, independent political view, alternative spirituality, and alternative lifestyle. Instead of Justin Bieber and One Direction, hipsters like to listen to artists that are not known by many. They listen to tunes with eerie melodies instead of the pop and rock music we usually here in our televisions and radios. Those who belong in the hipster community value rational or independent thinking and counter culture. But they also value creativity, art, intelligence and those people with a good sense of humor. They would usually get tattoos of signs or even people they idolize. Verses from unpopular songs that explain what they’re going through are commonly seen embedded on their skin. Hipsters like abstract paintings and dim lit rooms. Small yellow lights that you just usually see on Christmas lit up the rooms of these people.

There are no specific proponents of this culture but it was popular during the 40s, late 90s and started...
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