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Ritu kumar :
Ritu, who began her work with four hand-block printers and two tables in a small village near Calcutta forty years ago, was the first woman to introduce the ‘boutique’ culture in India under the brand name ‘Ritu’. Today she has outlets in 14 cities in India. Ritu’s boutiques feature a multifaceted showcase encompassing the very best of Indian design, with specially produced range of high fashion garments and accessories using silk, leather and cotton. In 2002 Ritu Kumar, joined by her son Amrish, launched a sub brand – Ritu Kumar, LABEL. LABEL uses the established forte of traditional Indian design and converts it into a fashion oriented international product. This is aimed at the young global Indian woman with a contemporary lifestyle. LABEL retails from most Ritu Kumar stores as well as some stand-alone stores. Ritu Kumar began her career in 1969 with just four hand block printers and two tables in a small village near Kolkata and today the brand retails from nearly 35 stores in India. She has pioneered the term ‘fashion’ in the Indian context and more importantly has demonstrated that hand-made products can be as profitable, and even more glamorous than those made by machine. The company sources the finest fabrics with great craftsmanship from across the country thereby contributing to revival of Indian textiles and providing employment to hundreds of artisans

 Over the years, Ritu Kumar’s work as a fashion designer has shown a progression, which has matured beyond textile crafts. She has a unique ability to evolve with each collection into creative styling, translating textures and embellishments into refreshingly new and unexpectedly contemporary silhouettes, making her work particularly relevant from India’s fashion point of worldview. While Ritu Kumar’s forte lies in traditional Indian clothes that draw heavily on the textile and embroidery...
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