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Chapter I
This chapter discusses the background of the study, its rationale, objectives, its scope and delimitations, the significance of the study, research methodology which includes research design, respondents, locale of the study, data gathering tool and procedures, and the definition of terms.

Background of the Study
People were exposed too much time for work, either in office or in business. And for such reason, those individuals are unable to manage their time for the laundry (www.laundrybusinessphilippines.com). Consequently, it would result to dozens of pile of unclean clothes. People nowadays pay for a laundry. Be it through laundry shops at the corner of the streets or having a house helper. Others hire a “lavandera” and pay them on a daily basis to do their laundry. Every individual has to face the laundry problems and find solutions towards this matter. Today, the usual laundry shop is innovated to coin-operated laundry shop. Moreover, coin-operated laundry shop business is a rising business in the Philippines, which implies that there is a continuous growth and development within the industry (www.coinlaundry.org). This type of business acts as a helper for those individual who has insufficient time to do the laundry. Unlike the usual laundry shop who gives full time laundry operations for the dropped-off clothes, this venture is more of "do-it-yourself-laundry". Thus, allows an individual to do its own laundry without any hassle by merely waiting its laundry to finish in the coin-operated washing machine and dryer. Moreover, this type of laundry allows an individual to monitor its own belongings unlike the usual laundry shops. In contrast with the ordinary laundry shop in which an individual has to wait a certain period of interval before the laundry can be retrieved.

General Santos City is a booming city. Yet the city has no existing coin-operated laundry shop player within its locality, the venture will consider the existing laundry shop as their indirect competitors. Moreover, the number of people acquiring laundry services is continually increasing (www.philippinestoday.net). The increasing demand for laundry service is a mere indication that the opportunity of having a coin-operated laundry shops is sustainable especially the business is newly introduced in the city.

The researchers decided to pursue the proposed business for the reason that washing is considered to be a vital activity for individual’s hygiene, and the need for clean clothes is very essential.

Rationale of the Study
The researchers come up with this study due to the increasing demand of individual for easy-wash-clothes and are expected to produce profit out of this demand in the city. Laundry shop business in General Santos City has become popular these days because of three (3) reasons: (1) people don't have sufficient time to do the long laundry operation, the fact that people spare most of their time in their work; (2) people don’t have the space, this refers to the people who live in commercial spaces in which they have insufficient areas for their laundry; and (3) people don't have the machine, they would rather spend their hard earned money to buy gadgets like iPod, tablets, cellular phones and the like (www.laundrybusinessphilippines.com).

Thus, this study is expected to generate income as well as employment and will contribute to the country's development through payment of taxes. And eventually benefit the target market given that it helps cater their needs for clean clothes with less time, less cost, and less effort.

Objectives of the Study
This study aimed to determine the feasibility of Vending Laundry Shop at Barangay City Heights, General Santos City.
Specifically, the study is intended to determine the viability of the project in the following aspects: 1. Describe the laundry industry in General Santos City
2. Determine the feasibility of the proposed project in the...

References: Abraham, Elsa. Facilitator. Labandero Laundry Express. Quezon St., General Santos City. Personal Interview. November 28, 2012
Magabulo, Juanita
Sendico, Belen, Office of Barangay Secretary. Barangay City Heights, General Santos City. Personal Interview. January 31, 2013
Appendix - A
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: July 25, 1992
Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges (2013-2014)
Lagao National High School (2008-2009)
Jose C. Catolico Sr. Elementary School (2004-2005)
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