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If the biotech industry is so proud of GMOs, why don't they tout GMOs on food packaging labels? Wednesday, March 07, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
(Natural News) Genetically engineered foods will "feed the world," say Bill Gates and all the rest of the GMO pushers. GM crops are the result of "high-tech agriculture" and "advanced technology" created by super-smart agricultural geniuses who only enhance the properties of food crops. GMOs are better than God, better than Mother Nature and one of the great gifts of science to humankind -- sort of like electricity, only more edible. If this is all true, then why doesn't the GMO industry want credit for all this effort on food labels? Shouldn't the industry leap at the opportunity to have foods labelled with things like: • Fortified with extra GMOs!

• Genetically Modified to grow strong bones!
• Now with GMO technology in every delicious bite!
If GMOs are so wonderful, in other words, then why wouldn't the industry tout all its amazing technology right on the labels of the foods containing GMOs? The reality? GMOs are poison
But no, instead of the industry begging for regulatory permission to place GMO bragging rights on food labels, the industry has done exactly the opposite: It has demanded that consumers be kept in the dark about GMOs! • They don't want consumers to even know they're eating GMOs! • They believe consumer ignorance is preferable to consumer choice. • They want consumers kept in the dark, uninformed and unable to avoid GMOs. The GMO industry, in fact, is already viciously fighting a proposed GMO labeling mandate in California -- a law that would merely require foods to be truthfully labeled when they contain genetically modified ingredients. What could be wrong with that? But in an age when consumers want to know more information about what they're buying, not less, the GMO industry somehow believes consumer ignorance is victory! So when GMO pushers like Bill Gates say they want to "feed the world," what they really mean is they want to secretly force-feed the world mystery ingredients that are not listed on the labels so that consumers won't even be aware of what they're eating. (Such as the deadly insecticide found in every kernel of GM corn...)

Commonsense food rule: Beware of anything the food companies don't want to put on the label If the ag giants and food companies don't want to put something on a food label, that's a pretty strong sign that you probably shouldn't eat it.

If it was good for you, they would obviously want to brag about it on the label. All natural! Fortified with minerals! Low in sodium! So how come the industry doesn't want to claim, "High in GMOs!" on every food box?

Want some flaked corn breakfast cereal? It's on sale for $1.99 a box, and it's high in GMOs!

How about some corn tortillas for your Mexican fiesta dinner? Those corn tortillas are fortified with extra GMOs, too!

Thirsty? Grab yourself a 12-pack of that famous brand sports drink -- it's sweetened with genetically modified corn syrup! Plus, it's got electrolytes!

Or how about a super-sized box of Genetically Modified Corn Flakes for breakfast? You can even eat it with a bowl of pasteurized, homogenized, Bovine Growth Hormone-contaminated, pus-filled factory-processed cow's milk! Yummy!

But you don't see any of this marketing material at the grocery store, do you? GMOs remain the dirty little secret of the food industry -- even at places like Whole Foods, which sort of try to imply they're against GMOs, but then they turn around and sell all sorts of GM foods anyway.

GMOs are worse than skeletons in the closet
GMOs are to the food industry what gay public toilet sex is to a pro-family Republican candidate. Or hidden camera photos of the naked choir boys and the Catholic priest. GMOs are the bones buried under the basement slab of a mass murderer who's also running for Governor. They're the prostitution ring records that reveal one very...
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