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Topics: Middle class, Social class, Developing country Pages: 2 (1079 words) Published: January 24, 2015
Atwood’s main argument explores the underlying complexities of social issues through the use of a variety of literary techniques. In the society of Oryx and Crake, unethical behaviour and the mistreatment of individuals have resulted in a collapse in society. Societal advancements and innovations no longer benefit the vast majority, but only the elite. By examining many issues such as these, Atwood brings views on morality into question. Drawing parallels to modern society, Atwood’s three main concerns are the negative side of globalization, the loss of a middle class, the negative side of globalization and excessive human exploitation for personal gain.

Furthermore, the limited omniscient point of view and a metaphor helps to highlight the dark aspects of increasing globalization. In a globalized world with endless flow of information, people are exposed to excessive amounts of negative data which makes everyone afraid. Atwood even gives the impression that she is not in favour of this trend: “too much hardware, too much software, too many bioforms” (34). This growing fear makes people realize the possibility of more threats. Therefore, groups of individuals, especially those inside the Compounds such as OrganInc, tend to isolate themselves within the safety and comfort of the Compound walls to avoid “too much envy, fanaticism and bad faith” (34) out in the Pleeblands. Ultimately, the vast majority prize their privacy more than ever since globalization not only benefits people by making it easier for them to connect together, but also leaves people more susceptible to bad influence from their surroundings. In this case, the limited omniscient point of view points out the limited social contact that the people of the Compounds have with the Pleeblands. Although globalization might bring some groups closer, the profound effect actually divides society apart. Moreover, a metaphor is used to describe how the relationship between the Crakers and normal human...
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