Ottaman and Qing Empires

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Mongol Empire Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: January 27, 2007
The Ottoman and the Qing empires were both very successful and both lasted a long time. The Ottoman was founded in the 13th century by Osman I and ruled by his descendants until its dissolution after World War I. Originally a small state controlled by Ottoman or Osmanli Turks, it spread rapidly, superseding the Byzantine Empire in the east. The Qing dynasty lasted for almost 300 years, extended China's borders farther than they had ever been before, and perfected the Chinese imperial system. The Qing empire appeared so orderly and prosperous in the 18th century. The Ottoman administration was based on religious toleration generally extended to all non-Muslims. This, however, did not prevent occasional massacres and discriminatory fiscal practices. In Constantinople the Greeks and Armenians held a privileged status and were very influential in commerce and politics. The despotic system of government was mitigated only by the observance of Muslim law. Where as the administration of the Qing was based on the abandoned nomadic ways for a more settled life. They supplemented their tribal organization with a bureaucratic style of administration and, in 1625, set up a capital in Mukden. To develop their own writing system, they borrowed the alphabet of the Mongols. This enabled them to keep records and to translate Chinese works into their own language. Even though both of these empires had different ways of administration, the fact still remains that both based their administration on something. For example the Ottoman followed the Muslim law and the Qing followed the nomadic ways. Both of these Empires had great emperors/conquerors. The Qing empire had Kangxi. who was an enlightened ruler and a Confucian ruler, and Qianlong, who was a learned man and helped the Manchus consolidate their hold in China. The Ottoman empire had Mehmed the conqueror, he worked energetically to stimulate its role as a commercial...
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