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Introduction| 3|
Sector definition| 4|
Targeting marketing| 5|
PESTEL analysis| 8|
Communication mix| 12|
Communication planning| 16|
What is changing?| 17|
Comparison between two market| 19|
How companies react to the changing?| 23|
Recommendations: The best way to do it| 24|
Conclusion| 28|
Annex| 29|


The following paper is about advertising and communication within the outdoor clothing industry. To start presents a definition of the sector that includes the targeting marketing. Followed by PESTEL analysis in hierarchical order with a brief explanation about position in the list and the selection of the key factors for the industry. After the communication mix, in hierarchical order, pointing out how the industry uses every technique. To continue the planning communication used by companies in the sector. Next is noted what element are changing in the environment that represent challenges for the industry and is analyzed. Later two companies are chosen, a leader and a follower, and are compared each other in some aspects. In addition is explained how they react to the challenges mentioned above. To finish is conjectured, like a recommendation, what would be the best way to respond to these challenges and concludes.

The Outdoor Clothing Industry
Sector definition
The outdoor clothes companies engaged in selling and / or manufacturing equipment and accessories, such as clothing, shoes, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, etc, necessaries for the practice of the outdoor activities. In more detail is clothes specialized for:

* Outdoor sport: biking, camping, skiers, bicycling, etc. * Extreme sport: rafting, climbing, adventure racing, etc. * Extreme weather: intense heat and cold, heavy rain, wind, etc. * Vacation time: backpacking, campers, etc.

The outdoors clothes are concerned to create innovative, technical and practical products designed to improve the comfort and safety during the outdoor sport practice. This specific type of clothing mixes design, colour and high quality aesthetics and high technology Concerning technology this functional clothing provide

* Comfort
* Waterproof
* Fast drying
* Breathability
* Windproof
* UV protection
* Activation of movement and abating of muscle swelling
* Ultra lightweight, thin, smooth and abrasion resistant to facilitate the practice of sport This industry besides encourage people to enjoyment of nature and the outdoors, also seek to protect and promote their care, is for this reason that they always are looking for to use lightweight and recycled materials in the manufacture. Currently exist more than fifty brands around the world the best known are: Arc'teryx, North Face, Lowe Alpine, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia, Marmot y Mammut. Worldwide, the number of places is as wide as Earth itself, highlights some countries like New Zealand, the United States or Canada where it has developed an extensive infrastructure for these sports. Targeting market

Although that the clothes are designed for both children and adults (men and women) of all ages, industry focuses on clients who are involved with the outdoor theme, which have product knowledge (the called community outdoor), belong to the middle and upper middle class, have good health (compatible with outdoor and extreme sports), are single or married men without children in the range of 20 to 45 years old. A second segment involves women and families with children usually milder outdoor sports like hiking, camping. This industry aimed at people who enjoy spending time outdoors, love nature, and have a great environmental awareness (the green people) They thrill seekers to explore and discover.

Customers in this type of clothing are characterized by:
* Find feelings of risk and adventure.
* Be in constant pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction....
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