Pedal Washchine

Topics: Laundry, Clothing, Washing machine Pages: 3 (1304 words) Published: October 4, 2014
“Pedal Washchine”
In the developing world, washing laundry is a difficult, time-consuming task that falls solely on women. Mothers and daughters typically spend 8 hours each week scrubbing each piece of their family's clothing and wringing out the harsh washing solution by hand. Electrical washing machine exists in this developing world but they are too expensive that others cannot afford. It is known to be the fastest way of washing clothes which requires less effort. In some instance, electricity is expensive and unavailable as it does not exist in some rural localities. This investigatory project entitled “Pedal Washchine” is designed to develop an improvised washing machine to lessen the physical burden of women doing laundry by hands. It will lessen the time of washing clothes, conserves energy and is environmental friendly. It is also made out of locally available and dumped materials. This eco-friendly laundry machine is cheaper than the commercial one. This will contribute a lot in electrical energy conservation. Yes, it is made of dumped materials but because of creativity and resourcefulness, we had come up with this useful machine. This machine is environmental friendly because it doesn't require electricity. It can be a double purpose machine which can be a laundry machine and at the same time, exercise equipment while washing clothes. Through this project, the husband can exercise using the pedal of the machine while his wife does the laundry. Kids can also help their mother doing the laundry while riding on it. The kids will surely enjoy it because we have made it just like the usual bike so it is very easy to use. Powered washing machines normally exist but this machine is quite unusual. Running water and electricity are expensive. Some cannot afford to buy washing machines or pay high bills. Our invention is the Pedal Washchine, a low cost, pedal-powered washing machine that is designed with readily available parts. It is easy to...
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