People Appearances

Topics: Emotion, Reason, Clothing Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: October 23, 2012
도입;나와 반대되는 의견 A substantial number of people mistrust their first impressions of people. 반대의견 부분 인정Even though I agree that first impressions are sometimes misleading, 나의 의견 I strongly believe that first impressions are usually correct because people’s appearances inevitably reveal their personalities and attitudes. On top of that, people’s clothes reveal the personal statements they are making to the world.

To begin with, I strongly believe that people’s appearances and speech can accurately portray their perspectives and attitudes toward life. This is largely because people’s habitual facial expressions and speech, which are the outward expressions of their minds, accurately reflect their emotional responses and reactions to life. For example, experienced interviewers can accurately judge and evaluate candidate’s characteristics during the few minutes of an interview. According to their accounts, an optimistic and outgoing person has brighter facial expressions, a higher tone of voice, and lively hand gestures. On the other hand, a pessimistic person with low self-esteem has more solemn expressions, a quiet voice, and minimal body motions. This proves that people’s appearances can reveal their characters.

In addition, people’s style of dress reveals what statements they are making to the world. An important reason is that clothes serve as a self-expressive kind of uniform to the world. To illustrate, people who wear dirty, torn, or ill-fitting clothes convey the feeling that they are messy, disorganized, and not interested in their appearances. On the contrary, people who wear neat, well-coordinated, and stylish clothes express to the world that they care about how they look and want to make good impressions. Whether a person underneath his clothes is truly neat and organized or sloppy and scattered, his choice of clothes and general appearance tell the world what image he is interested in conveying. In this respect, first impressions are very revealing...
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