Personal Narrative

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Personal Narrative
Caring for my fellow human has proven over time to be my most important character attribute. This trait is over looked in this modern age by many people, but there are those who still care for the well-being of people. Since I turned fourteen to this very day I have practiced this trait by working with people that are in need of help at clothing closets and food banks. To see how these people have been put down over time makes me ever more gracious to have this trait. This mannerism can also be practiced through everyday habit by helping those who need help with simple things from opening a door to giving away money and clothes to even giving food. While this is common place where I am from, Dallas, TX, there are people everywhere that do not help, but rather get annoyed and offensive by the simple requests of an individual in need.

When everyday habit becomes a chance to make another person day better, it’s the choice between practicing this caring mannerism and ignoring those who cannot help themselves. The place where I practiced this most was throughout everyday interactions with friends, family, and strangers. During school one day I practiced caring even if nobody else did, and not cause it made me better, but it helped others have a better day that never got one. Well when lunch came around I got my lunch and handed it out to different people, because my school was overfilled and not everyone could have lunch or for that matter a place to sit. After lunch passed I noticed several kids that looked lost among the mist of the overcrowded cafeteria. A high school spirit group that a few friends and I put together was meeting after school. I then invited all of these kids to the meeting to help them get involved with a big group of friends that branched out to everyone at school. When the meeting was over it was time to go home, usually I took my brother and his girlfriend, but this particular day walking to the car a bunch of the kids...
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