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Topics: Clothing, Purchasing, Total personal income Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Political and Legal issues
Although politics do not play a large part in the clothing industry, there are the issues of labor laws and the use of sweatshops. There are always new cases of companies that have been reported for having overworked young people working in sweatshops producing their clothing and shoes. Entering into the clothing industry, a company needs to understand these laws, standards, and values as well as try to create a positive public image. Economic Growth

As we know, the economy of the United States took a bit of a nosedive in September 2001, but more recently things are beginning to take a turn for the better. In the latter part of 2004, personal income along with personal savings increased. In November 2004 the total income of individuals increased $30.4 billion dollars. In the past six months there has been an increase in sales in the clothing industry. The purchase of clothing and shoes in the month of May escalated $2 billion and increased $1.7 billion in June. Today's culture shows children having more money both from their own odd jobs such as baby-sitting or delivering newspapers and their allowances from parents. This extra income and spending power has influenced much of the clothing market. Sociocultural Trends

Society and culture have an effect on what consumers' value and what is considered "popular". When it comes to the clothing industry, there are many factors that are important including fashion trends and purchasing power. Fashion trends are constantly changing, which forces retailers of clothing to keep up with the curve. Clothing companies need to know which items are going to be popular and how many of each item to have in stock. Part of keeping up with trends is keeping up to date on colors and designs that are appealing to the audience. According to Apparel News, it is now the teens that are setting new fashion trends. Some of the new lines that they have coming include bohemian embroidery, baby-doll tops, and...
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