Peuasive Speech on Uniforms

Topics: Education, Clothing, Dress code Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: October 14, 2008
Studies have shown that schools with uniforms function as a whole better than schools without them. Their attendance is better and there are fewer distractions. They instil school spirit and students look more professional. They eliminate fads and jealously between the students because of the latest designer labels. Everyone is treated equally with uniforms and it encourages self expression and individuality through academics, extracurricular activities and not by the clothing they wear. They eliminate a reason to feel self-conscious, helping to improve self-confidence of students. School uniforms ensure that students will come to school in appropriate clothing, and ready to learn. In grade 7 I learned that we would be getting uniforms for my grade 8 year. I wasn’t too pleased to hear the news but I soon realized all of the benefits of a uniform. Safety is a big issue in schools these days, especially with all the gang violence and shootings happening in Toronto. When a school has a uniform it is very easy to spot an outsider because of the way they are dressed. If everyone at school is wearing the uniform and someone enters a school not wearing the uniform they can easily be spotted and reported to the office. Many of you are on teams, be it in school or outside. Teams have uniforms to show pride and unity for the school or club they represent. How good does it feel putting on that football or rugby uniform before a game? When you put that uniform on all you can think of is the sport that jersey represents, your performance on the field. That uniform or jersey was specially made to be worn during that sport. When you win you feel pride in wearing the jersey around, and being seen in it. These same key points apply to school uniforms. School uniforms infuse school spirit inside and outside of school, when you put on that uniform and come to school all you should be thinking about it your performance in school, which encourages less distractions. A school...
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