Pope Leo

Topics: Attila the Hun, Pope, Byzantine Empire Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Pope Leo the great (440-461 AD) is famous for his Tome of Leo document, The Council of Chalcedon, and he illuminated the conformist definition of Jesus’ being as the religious states of two beings- divine and human. Despite all of this, Pope Leo the Great is most famous for his persuasion of the crude Attila the Hun (434-453 AD) to not invade Italy in 452 AD. The emperors usually paid off barbaric tribes to not invade them but this further gave reason for the tribes to invade Western Europe. The only thing the stood in the way of Attila and Rome was Pope Leo and the Papacy. Pope Leo the Great coaxed Attila not to invade Italy. This persuasion shows that in fact Pope Leo the Great’s approach to the barbarian invasions of Western Europe were generally successful ones. Pope Leo was successful in his persuasion of the Huns because Pope Leo the Great was persistent in his efforts. He was not so successful when he could not convince the Vandals to stay away from Rome, he did convince them to not completely destroy and burn the city; that is still a success. In 452 AD, Attila the Hun was on a rapid streak of sacking cities in Western Rome on his way to the ultimate treasure of Rome. Attila allegedly requested that the sister of the Emperor Valentinian III (425-455 AD) be sent to him with great amounts of gold and money. In rejoinder, the Emperor sent a consul, a former urban prefect, and Pope Leo the Great to negotiate with Attila. Not many specifics were divulged as to why Attila withdrew from Italy and returned to his homeland. Some possible theories were that Pope Leo the Great may have offered Attila large sums of gold, a ghastly plague in Northern Italy, food shortages, or even that Attila’s army was greatly weighed down from loot from previous raids. Pope Leo the Great was successful because he knew that this was his last chance to save Italy from being destroyed and he used all of his strength to coax Attila out of Italy. Pope Leo’s last negotiation proved...
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