Presentation Outline

Topics: Clothing, Corset, Ultraviolet Pages: 2 (282 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Presentation outline

1. Introduce fashion design

2. Tow development in fashion design

a) The development of science and technology progress.
People used to make clothes all need through sewing machine, scissors, etc. need to be done by hand, now with the development of social science and technology invented the new machine, can automatically generate does not require any human, tailoring sewing clothes. b) Material

Before people only used two or three kinds of clothing materials to make clothes, at that time just used one kinds of material to make clothes. And now we can mixing variety of material to make clothes and let the clothes more stronger and feel comfortable. c) Brassiere

Before our brassiere just a corsets, until 19th century, Mary Phelps Jacob invention the brassiere which can really liberation of female waist, let them feel more comfortable. d) Invention of the computer , shop online

The invention of the computer people can shop online they don’t need to go out side can buy everything what they want.

3. Change brought the developments.

a) To improve efficiency
Solved the problem of the shortage on quantity
Employees can reduce the workload
Work quality rise

b) Can prevent the skin injured by bad material or allergy.
More thin
More light
More soft
Some material even can protect ultraviolet ray, avoid sunburn. c) Adjust, repair the chest shape
Assist the growth of the chest
In summer can breathablility
d) The shop can get more income
Customers can easy choose the style material color what they like. Don’t need waste whole day walk to the different clothes shop and finally didn’t get everything. Just need to wait at home the clothes will arrival to your home.
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