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Topics: Human skin color, Female body shape, Clothing Pages: 5 (2012 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Looking Fashionable on a Limited Budget Is it possible to look fashionable with a limited amount of money? Many women, especially college students and young adults, want to look stylish without emptying their bank account. This can be difficult to achieve because women want to be up to date with trends, but trends continuously change leaving them with little money. To help keep women from spending money on the next latest trend, they must know how to become fashionable while still able to save. Knowing where to begin is key to looking fashionable without breaking the bank. [Question] Before going out and spending money, one must first know how to dress for their figure. Everyone has a different body shape and (certain styles look different on different women.) There are four general body types that are defined by the curves that connect a woman’s bust, waist, and hips. These four shapes are apple, straight or rectangular, pear, and hourglass. To determine which shape a woman is, she must measure her bust, waist, and hips with a measuring tape. To measure the bust, place the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bust and around the back while breathing normally. To measure the waist, place the measuring tape around the narrowest part which is usually above the belly button. To measure the hips, place the measuring tape around the fullest part, which is usually around the bottom. When measuring, keep the tape parallel to the floor while also making sure it is not tight as it can affect measurements. Knowing the shape of your body will reduce spending because there are more limitations on what can be bought. If the bust is three or more inches bigger than the hips, (the woman has an apple shape.)Dressing for a woman with an apple shape means she wants to emphasize her legs and bottom because she is already top-heavy. She would also want to draw attention away from her waist and shoulders or arms by wearing long sleeves while drawing attention to her bust and neck by wearing V-necks. These women must avoid anything that pinches at the mid-section because their waist is thicker than their hips. They can, however, wear tunics or flowy tops with an empire waist, which means it begins at the waist and flows outwards. An apple shaped woman must choose flared pants over straight-leg pants or skinny pants. By doing so, she adds more shape and it helps to balance out her wide shoulders or heavy upper body. If the bust is about the same as the hips and the waist, (the woman has a straight shape.) Women who are straight or rectangular can exaggerate their curves if they want to avoid looking lanky or boyish. They can wear things that pinch at the waist that will create an illusion that they have more curve than they actually do. Just like the apple shaped women, if they want to elongate their legs, they must choose flared pants over straight-leg or skinny pants because it adds shape to their body. Dresses or tops that wrap around the waist and cross over the chest can make the chest and shoulders look flat and square. If the hips are significantly bigger than the bust, (the woman has a pear shape.) Pear shaped women are bottom heavy because their hips are larger than their bust. These women would want to make their hips and bottom look slimmer or they may want to exaggerate their bottom. Like the straight shaped women, they must not wear dresses that wrap around the waist and cross over the chest as it can make their bust look disproportionately tiny. Wearing straight-leg or slightly flared pants with heels can elongate their legs. Skinny pants or pants that hug the ankles can make the lower body seem like an upside-down triangle. Flared pants can make their legs look thicker in comparison to the upper body. If the hip and bust measurements are equal with a narrow waist, (the woman has an hourglass shape.) Women...
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