Process Improvement Plan Wk 5 Ops 571

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Process improvment plan for laundry

Process Improvement Plan
Juan J. Malfavon
University of Phoenix
Paul L. Porch, MBA, MPM, CIPM
March 2, 2012

Comment on the factors that affect the process design. Identify at least one metric to measure process. I will use the sorting time needed to separate clothes by wash cycle type because sorting is critical in reducing laundry time and potentially ruining clothes by placing certain items in the wrong wash cycle

The Following information is the process design flow for doing laundry in my home. The chart was designed during week 1 of the analysis. The diagram bellows reflects an additional step: a triangle has been added to reflect individual sorting and a rectangle has been changed from empty pockets to place sorted clothes in laundry room bins. This additional step has improved the overall laundry completion requirements. [pic]Metrics

The following control limits were placed on the laundry process flow in my home to reduce total laundry times. Week 1-5 show increases in personnel support to accomplish tasks associated with the completion of the laundry. The metrics used were: - Sorting clothes to ensure proper wash

Week 1: Laundry requirements are completed by one individual supporting a household of four people. Sorting, carrying individual loads to laundry room, washing, drying and folding is done by one person. The data below reflects a timed metric to validate the sorting and preparation of three loads of laundry; Denim, Polyester, and Whites. The process flow improvement will be to add one person per week to the sorting task to measure time.

|WEEK 1 |Sorting Time for Cloths (Minutes and Seconds) | |Sunday |4 minutes 30 seconds |

Week 2: Laundry requirements are completed by two individuals (sorting).

|WEEK 2 |Sorting Time for Cloths (Minutes and Seconds) | |Sunday |3 minutes 22 seconds |

Week 3: Laundry requirements are completed by three individual (sorting).

|WEEK 3 |Sorting Time for Cloths (Minutes and Seconds) | |Sunday |3 minutes 02seconds |

Week 4: Laundry requirements are completed by four individuals (sorting).

|WEEK 4 |Sorting Time for Cloths (Minutes and Seconds) | |Sunday |2 minutes 20seconds |

Week 5: Laundry requirements are completed by each person in the home (sorting).

|WEEK 5 |Sorting Time for Cloths (Minutes and Seconds) | |Sunday |2 minutes 02 seconds |

Week 6: Forecasted laundry time with on the job training improvements fro kids.

|WEEK 6 |Sorting Time for Cloths (Minutes and Seconds) | |Sunday |1 minutes 30 seconds |

Seasonal Factors
Completing laundry for a family of four is no easy tasks, especially when taking into consideration that each member has approximately four loads of individual laundry. These loads include whites, colors, polyester, denim, and fragile fabrics. This assignment did not have any seasonal factors involved since the laundry environment is controlled through an indoor process, but the process for doing laundry did identify some learning Curves that could be improved....

References: Oren, K., & Erol, M. (2009). Learning Curves, Usage of Learning Curves in the Reducing Workforce Cost as a Tool and an Empirical Study. Firat University Journal Of social Siceince, 19(1), 141.
Zangwill, W. I,., & Kantor, P. B. (1998, July). Toward a Theory- of Continuous Improvement and the Learning curve. Management Science, 44(7), 920.
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