Professional Dress

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Professional Dress Paper

There are many different types of business dress. For example, it would be appropriate for someone who works at Spencer's to wear dark t-shirts and baggy pants. Although a lawyer should wear a suit and tie, dress pants and the whole deal. Someone who works at McDonalds though has to wear certain clothes for work. I think that people dress a certain way according to their job. Like I previously stated, it all depends on what your employer wants you to wear. If you don't wear what you are expected to wear then you could be fired from your job. Also if you don't wear what is expected then you will most likely will not be taken seriously at you job if you still have it. I know that if I went to a lawyer who dressed in a t-shirt and jeans I would not ask for their business. A persons dress sends many signals. When people meet they usually have a first impression of that person. If I see some one in dark black baggy clothing I usually think them a slacker or a darker more unfriendly type of person. I would have to say that I would be comfortable with almost any dress code that I needed to wear. I wouldn't like to have the dress code for Spencer's but almost any other dress codes I would be ok with. I plan to work with computers so I will probably have to wear a collared shirt and tie along with dress pants and shoes. I feel that dress codes are needed. If there were not dress codes then how would you know who was who. It would be harder to distinguish between the customers and the employees. A dress code makes sure that you look like you fit your job. If you are not able to comply with a dress code where you work then you most likely should not be working where you are.
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