Pros and Cons School Uniforms

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Pros and Cons on School Uniforms
In the many schools around the world, whether it being public or private, to elementary to high schools, no matter what kind of schools, they are all eligible for acquiring school uniforms. School uniforms can have a positive impact on the school by changing the factors that cause problems among the students. By having school uniforms mandatory, many changes of a student’s behavior can change. For example, when students are obligated to wear uniforms, they would have better attendance and less verbal abuse with other classmates. But on the other hand, it can also have a negative impacts on a student’s individuality and esteem which can affect their emotion and atmosphere around school. It is a great idea to implement a system on school uniforms because of the positive outcomes that are received. Some of the good outputs that are better grades, little to no harassments, better a attendance record, and more as well.

To start of with the positive effects of school uniforms, one of the advantages to wearing school uniforms, is that it can contribute to improved attendance. In the morning, children have a hard time waking up due to the earliness in which they are obligated to do so. This focus can be reached towards the females. This really makes an impact on girls. Girls spend more time than guys on apparel. Girls have more sense of details when it comes to fashion and find it more important to boost their self-esteem. This can be time consuming in the morning if they do not wake up early enough to plan out their outfits. In my experience, every morning I spend at least twenty minutes or more on picking out clothes I would wear to school. It is because, I have such a variety of clothing that makes it hard to choose from what I want. Since girls have vast amounts of clothing than guys, it makes it harder to choose outfits in the morning, therefore time has collapsed when it could have been used to eat breakfast or get onto the bus for school. In Long Beach Unified School District, located in Long Beach California, have seen improvement in school attendance. The district has school uniforms mandatory for the children who attend the schools in the Long Beach district. The elementary schools in the district, have exceeded successful attendance. The percentage of improved attendance has increased up to 94.8 percent since 1994, and as years has passed by until now, the uniforms has been almost fulfilled almost perfect attendance. It didn’t start out with the whole district acquiring school uniforms. It all started from one elementary school using the apparel. When the school started gaining great attendance, other schools in the same district thought it would reach great potential for their school. As you can see, when your outfits are planned each day without having to think about it, you can save time each morning. It will take as little as five minutes to put on the uniform, thus preventing tardies and giving improved attendance.

Second of all, by involving school uniforms into the system, it can help prevent drama, harassment, and verbal abuse, and sexual offense among the student body. In the Long Beach district, it was proven that assault in grades, kindergarten through eighth grades was dropped down eighty-five percent. Fighting has also been be dropped by thirty-eight percent. Sex offenses has declined by ninety-six percent. All the reduction to improved behavior of students, come from the school uniforms. When people have the right to choose their own clothing, they show how they want to express themselves. The individuality of students differentiate between each student, and not everyone will like everybody else’s clothing. Other students will often pick on each other, especially the younger group of children, will humor themselves because of other children’s appearances. Not everybody has the kindness and altruistic inside them, which can cause them to do unsympathetic actions that...
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