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Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: March 4, 2014
 Critical Issues Facing Public Education Today For as long as I can remember school has always been a fun environment for me, sure I had my share of mean teachers, who just seemed like they were totally out to get me, but who hasn’t; it’s a part of the process of going to school. But it never stopped me from learning. Today’s students are becoming less focused on their education. Remember when reading was the most basic principle to school? Today’s students are being skipped up a grade and still have a 1st grade reading level. I can remember in my Elementary years as a kid, students were happy just going to school, but as you get into Middle school and High school, it starts to become a challenge. When I was in Middle school the last thing on my mind was having a baby, but today’s students are starting younger and younger. School has become a different place. Most students are not worried about their education; hence the failing scores of public schools. Today’s public system is much different from when I was growing up. One thing I know for sure is the most critical issues facing public education today are the students. As time seems to go on it seems that more and more teachers are being cut, and the students are the ones left to suffer because of this. Cutting teachers not only affects the educators, but the students as well. Middle school and High school teachers now have to teach to a class of 45-50 students, compared to their normal 25-30. Having a larger class size hinders both the teachers and the students. Levies are simply not passing anymore leading to more and more cuts. In the future years to come students

won’t get as much as that one-on-one help from their teacher. Budget cuts have also become a rising problem in today’s’ education, and this goes for all levels of schooling. The cost of keeping a school well maintained (elementary, middle,& high schools’), and the cost of a college education are definitely on the rise, but...
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