Reiss SWOT Analysis

Topics: Clothing Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Garments (Quality and Finish)
Reiss really pays close attention to detail and quality of fabric. For example, for this large collar overcoat, Reiss have chosen to use a wool-rich blend, a very high quality fabric for a coat. The double-breasted style gives a formal look and the oversized collar gives a touch of informality. Moving onto the element of interest; the sunray effect seam detail. This gives a ‘shapely look’, suggesting that Reiss like to - not only create formal looks - but also very feminine rather than androgynous. Jacquard is a very interesting fabric that can be used to ‘spruce up’ any – otherwise plain – garment. I love Reiss’ clever use of mixing plain and textured fabrics and what better textured fabric to use than jacquard? It is yet another great way to add attention to detail with its intricate, ‘embossed’ and oh-so-shiny quality. Taruca is a breath of fresh air amongst the other Reiss Garments with its striking red hue and beautifully simple neck detail (again, attention to detail!) and glossy lining.

Shop Layout
If there is one thing I have noticed about Reiss’ stores worldwide, it is the minimalistic, formal and no-nonsense layout. From monochrome steps to clear hanging shelves, the moment you enter the shop the ambience is smooth yet sharp, simple yet bold and calm yet formal. The most recognisable details of the stores being true black with chrome, cylindrical bars and sometimes full wall mirrors and due to this professional layout.

Customer Profile
I have drawn my customer profile to a conclusion, taking points from all aspects of the company itself; the prices, the garment quality and finish and also the shop layout. The prices for the garments at Reiss are quite high-end. This – I feel – is because of the high quality material that Reiss use to make their garments. My conclusion is that Reiss design with simple, key shapes in mind, focusing on textured materials to add the element of interest in small detail. I feel that...
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