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ASSIGNMENT 1: Jane Law, Area Manager of Modern Clothing, the group of clothes shop for which you work, is concerned that the shop you manage has run at a loss for the last two months and asks you to write a report for her explaining the reasons for this. She also asked if you have any suggestions for reversing this trend. Rapid turnover of young inexperienced staff; the opening of a rival store selling cut price items in a better trading position than yours; the recent designation of the road outside your shop as a no parking zone; these are some of the reasons which you may wish to consider for the loss making. Write your report.

Name: xxx

Modern Clothing
Report on the loss for the last two months
Terms of Reference
To investigate on the loss and to make appropriate recommendations as requested by Miss Jane Law, Area Manage on 1 February 2013.

1. An interview was held with some of the staff.
2. Online question polls were sent to subscribe customers. Findings
1. An opening of a rival store selling cut price items was in a better trading position. 2. The recent designation of the road outside the store as a no parking zone had caused inconvenience to the customers. 3. There was a rapid turnover of young inexperienced staff. Conclusions

1. Customers went to the rival store because it was cheaper. 2. Customers went to other store due to lack of parking.
3. Staff could have been unhappy with their salary.

1. The price for the clothing should be reduced to a reasonable rate. 2. Find a location where our customers can park.
3. Salary could be adjusted and more experienced staff should be hired.

William Kam
William Kam
Store Manager
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