Research Paper- Against School Uniforms

Topics: Dress code, Education, Clothing Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: February 13, 2011
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10 February 2010
Against the Idea of School Uniforms
All around the United States more and more schools and switching to the idea of school uniforms. Schools think that this uniform policy will help bring down crime rates, gangs, improve the schools over all academic achievement, and level out social discriminations among students. Although this theory may become true to someone who wants it to be true, other skeptics looking into this are finding that these positive influences from uniforms are merely misconceptions. Schools’ academic achievements are not influenced by the clothes that students have on their backs. Neither is the crime rate in that school. There were theories that gang members could sneak into schools by wearing that schools uniform and blending in with everyone. Some students are even saying that uniforms will not stop them from discriminating other kids since they still know who is rich and who is poor. Although our society thinks that forcing students to wear uniforms to school will cure all problems, they better think twice. School uniforms should not be allowed in public schools because they are not cost effective, they deprive students’ rights to express themselves, and lastly, they do not increase the status of the school who adopted the uniform policy. One of the reasons that school uniforms should not be allowed in schools because they are not cost effective. One reason why they are not cost effective is because some families cannot afford multiple uniforms, plus the clothes that students wear outside of school (Pakhare 1). Unlike the students who can afford three, four, or five uniforms, the poorer students’ one uniform will look worn out and used by mid-semester compared to everyone else (Stainburn 1). It will be easier to pick out the kids who cannot afford much. The social boundaries that uniforms were trying to get rid of will still occur with or without them (Cruz 47). The second reason behind why school...
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