Rise of the Early Church

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The Rise of the Church

The early Church father help brought order and structure to the church in many ways. There were three Church Fathers who helped the Rise of the Church, they were Augustine, Ambrose, and Jerome. These great men was responsible for the habitual doing, beliefs, and doctrine of the early Church during this time period, around 500 AD, (Babcock 2011 p.139).

First, Augustine was considered the most important of three men at this time of early Church Fathers. Augustine was born in 354 and lived until 430, he was recognized for his vision of biblical teaching and he was a very great thinker. The Church was blamed for the fall of Rome, “Augustine defends the faith during a time when Christianity, though already the official state religion, was still under attack by pagan philosophers and pagan politicians.” Augustine Responded by writing a book called “City of God.” Augustine accused the Roman paganism themselves for the fall of Rome, (Babcock 2011 p 140).

Second, Ambrose was also an important part of the rise of early Church. He was born in Milan, one of the greatest cities of Rome, around 339 and lived until 397. Ambrose arranged the church guidance and presumption. Ambrose also developed the “principles of biblical interpretation,” he was not the thinker that Augustine was, but he used “the principle of hermeneutics (how to interpret the scripture)” this was to help understand the meaning of the important passage of the Bible (Babcock 2011 p. 140). He established the church “liturgy” which was the way of worshiping, which included scripture reading, sermon delivery, and singing. This is still continue to be done though out many churches today. (Babcock 2011 p.141).

Third, Jerome was born in 342 and live until 420. His family was very religious and Jerome was educated in Rome, where “he received the best classical education one could get in the late Roman Empire, where he studied Latin and Greek languages” (Babcock 2011 p.141)....
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