Roman Empire and Han Dynasty Comparison

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During the Classical Era, the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty in China by similar Bureaucratic structures, but differed in how the emperors justified their power. While the Han Dynasty followed the Mandate of Heaven, the Roman Empire justified their power through military conquest and were treated like gods.

Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were a bureaucracy. This meant that both of them had many government officials and departments. In both cases, the Han Dynasty and The Roman Empires bureaucracies became so popular that it had nowhere to expand and that was the reason that they both fell. Both of them also had a very similar amount of land which was huge and made both of them a world power. Also they were both very advanced civilizations; the Romans built machines, roads, bridges, dams and most importantly aqueducts. They also had a writing system. The Han made advancements in metallurgy for making tools. They also built canals, bridges and made something called the silk road where people could trade goods and many religions were spread on the Silk Road. They both had a money system like ours with coin type things but mostly traded goods.

The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were very different too. Rome was all about gaining more power and they did that by constantly expanding their empire. They did that by attacking other places around Europe. The Han Dynasty did expand a little bit but after a while they started building the Great Wall too keep everyone in and all intruders out. They also kept the wall safe by putting soldiers on watch every thousand feet or so. Also, there was a difference between the processes of picking the rulers. The Han believed that the gods chose when the next ruler should come into place by giving them a sign of a natural disaster to decide when a new ruler comes in. The Han Dynasty’s economy was mainly based off of metallurgy and trade along the Silk Road. Rome’s economy was really based off agriculture and mining....
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