Romans and Sassanids

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Trade Between Romans and Sassanids
Roman Empire and Sassanid Empire were most powerful empires of their time. One of significant reason of their conflict is controlling the Silk Road. Which empire controls the commerce on Silk Route, it controls the wealth. In this study I want to work on with Roman - Sassanid trade relations and conflicts in third to sixth sanctuary. Before I start, I want to explain importance of the Silk Road and brief history of Roman – Sassanid conflicts. The Silk Roads are a collection of trade routes that connected China and Europe from 100 BCE to 1500 CE. Over 8,000 kilometers of road extended from Asia to the Mediterranean Sea. These routes traversed both land and sea, and ran in all directions. Many sought the highly prized silk from China. During this time period, silk was a precious commodity that was valued by men and women worldwide because of its rarity, visual beauty, and unique tactile quality. Material goods were not the only things exchanged on the Silk Roads. Introduced sedentary and nomadic populations, and opened up a form of dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West. Religious beliefs, general knowledge, medical practices, and cultural practices represent even greater riches that were transported in all directions along the Silk Roads.

The historians are usually referred to as the Roman and the Persian empires, but in 700 years Roman Republic evolves into the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire in the west, and the Parthian evolved to Sassanid Empires in the east. The areas of dispute ranged from the Asia Minor to the Mesopotamia valley in the east. These territories changed hands many times during the wars, and some cities, such as Ctesiphon were besieged many time times. In spite of years of conflict and dozens of campaigns, nothing of long term significances resulted from these wars. The border between the empires remained roughly the same for most of the 700 year period. The Silk Road had a...
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