Rome Essay

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Decline of the Roman Empire Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Will Rodgers once said “Ancient Rome declined because it had Senate, now what’s going to happen to us with both a House and a Senate?”-Will Rodgers. There are many reasons why Rome the most powerful empire fell in 476. There are many reasons of why Rome fell like military attacks, social decay, political violence, and economic weakness. The main reasons for Rome’s fall were economic weakness. Economic weakness is also happening to our country which is one of the most power fullest countries today. The article I read was two opinions on something that is happening globally. You had two choices “The great disruption” and “The big shift”. The economic weakness in our country and globally will become our fall.

The number one reason in my mind in why Rome fell was because of economic weakness. The reason I think this, is because in many parts of Rome there were attacked by barbarians. The barbarians would loot many parts of the Roman empires treasures. This would to not enough money going around for Rome. This would lead to many citizens in having very little to no money. There would also be trading problems with the Easterner regions where there would be a trade deficit. The way this declined the Roman Empire was that there was many poor citizens and many deaths of citizens because of the looting of the barbarians and trade mistakes with the eastern regions.

The event that made the fall of Rome is happening also in the United States. Economic weakness is affecting America like it did to Rome. The biggest economic weakness in America is unemployment. This affected Rome and its affecting the united states too because if there are many people without jobs then that means there is not enough money going to the economy. This means the United States is giving more money than they are resaving.

I think the world is going into a great disruption. The reason I think this is because all around the world there are many protest agents the government, because the people...
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