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Topics: Education, Clothing, Uniform Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: July 17, 2011
School: fashion show or uniformed conduct?
The day is off to its start. Children are going wild about how they look, contemplating what valuable possession to bring and what they will wear. This is reason for schools to implement a policy on school uniforms. Statistics show that students who wear uniforms make better grades, the male students are not as distracted by what the female students are (or are not) wearing. With schools of today students become bullied, singled out, shunned, or even experience violent acts. Schools choose to endorse uniforms because such is necessary in larger schools to limit violence over clothing and theft over possessions. Although some students would attest to the implementation of school uniforms because it restrains a person’s freedom of expression and removes diversity; Contrary to these thoughts the use of school uniforms has been proven to lower hostility in schools.

It is also said that school uniforms increase esprit de corps (pride in school). Furthermore, whereas some students feel as though he or she, are derived of freedom by enforcing uniforms, a school is not to be viewed as a fashion show. As a student they are in school to become educated and learn new materials and information not focusing on fashion. If a student cares less about what others think and become focused more on learning he or she would be much more productive. School uniforms symbolize substantial changes to how students behave with reduced tardiness, skipped classes, suspensions, and discipline referrals.

This is quite similar to working in the military where one must be sharp in uniform and have a code of ethics, values, and morale. School uniforms also assist in saving time and money, where there is no longer a need to have several articles of clothing and one does not have to rush to make it to school on time. The use of school uniforms eliminates any embarrassing fashion foe paws for children who most clearly have no taste on how to...
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