Saggy pants should be banned

Topics: Clothing, Embarrassment, Undergarment Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: September 29, 2013
Some people say that as the clothes you put on represent a form of fashion statement protected by constitutional freedom of expression, nobody else can interfere with how you are dressed. But, I can’t accept such an opinion. I believe we should crack down on saggy pants in public for the following two reasons: They not only make others disgusted but corrupt public morals. Besides, they are likely to embarrass others. First and foremost, indeed, you have a right to wear any clothing you like unless it offends others. Saggy pants are, however, offensive especially when worn to show your underwear. If such a sloppy fashion went unchecked, it would eventually disrupt public morals and give negative impacts on young children. I’m convinced you would be horrified to see your sons or daughters shamelessly showing around their underpants in public places. Secondly, it would be extremely embarrassing to watch a stranger’s loose pants go down in a public arena. Saggy pants are by definition not fastened by a belt. So, you may catch him/her accidentally pants-down anytime and anywhere. I’m pretty sure I would become extremely embarrassed, to say nothing about bursting into laughter, if I were to witness such a hilarious scene. For the reasons I mentioned above, I’m in favor of the idea to get hard on saggy pants. (220 words)

Saggy pants are said to disrupt public morals. Yet, what are ‘public morals’ all about in the first place? They are too vague to define clearly. I object to the idea to crack down on saggy pants for the following two reasons: How you are dressed is a part of freedom of expression protected by the constitution. In addition, you can always glance away, when you find my saggy pants offensive. First of all, our constitution guarantees that you can do anything you like unless it annoys others. Saggy pants are not intended to expose your whole underwear but to look merely loose. It’s not such a big deal as obscene stuff like public nakedness. Even if...
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