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Dress Down Day!
Dress down day means you wear regular clothes on a certain day. We rarely had a dress down day and here are my thoughts about having a dress down day:
Freedom of Expression- showing a bit of our personality in the style, color, and the way we wear our clothing.
To me having a dress down day allows me to express myself. Express – to set forth the opinions, or feelings. Students express themselves because one of the best ways to express yourself is through your clothes (in my opinion).

Comfortable- at times the uniform is constricting which can be a distraction.
Wearing our clothes can make the situation at school more relaxed giving us freedom to focus on what needs to be focused on.
Having a dress down day feels comfortable.
I say having a dress day will be comfortable because it makes you feel like you’re at home.
This day would be providing students physical ease and relaxation. Having a dress down day really releases you from stress.

Fun way of Teaching Responsibility – wearing our own clothes can be a way of teaching us how we are supposed to look in a
professional environment that does not require uniform. So we should have a dress down day to have more fun. Dress down day would be a pleasure to show your personality and originality. A dress down day sometimes gives students something to look forward to. It also motivates and encourages students to do better.

In conclusion I think this would be a great idea to have dress down day. It would be comfortable, fun way of responsibility, and a freedom of expression to have a dress down day.
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