School Unifoms

Topics: Education, Dress code, Clothing Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Part 1: Purpose
The purpose of my bill is to give some children their freedom and creativity back, by allowing them to express how they feel through their clothes instead of wearing a uniform. Being able to tell a little bit about someone at first sight just by their clothes isn’t always bad. Even though school uniforms would make equality among the children, its also blocking their creativity and giving them the wrong message on how to look at things. People always say how horrible it is to judge people by what they wear or by what’s on the outside, but it’s not all stereotypical. Just by looking at someone you can tell a little bit about them, such as if they like different bands, or movies or games. You can tell if they don’t care about their appearance, or if they shop at expensive stores you can tell they might be wealthier. Clothes are a big way of expressing how you feel about different subjects. This bill will help people be able to do that. Another reason that we should not have uniforms is natural disasters. How would a parent identify their child? Most parents know what their children wear to school for the day, and it is a very easy way to pick out your child. Or another is what if a student with superiority attacked a younger age student how would they be able to describe their attacker or pick them out of a group if they all look the same. “School is a place where the next actors, writers, artists, politicians, inventors, designers and musicians are trained. School uniforms send a clear early-life message to students that comfort is important and creativity is not, that authority is allowed to abuse its power and constrain our constitutional right of free speech and expression. Students learn from uniforms that their individuality, political opinions and religious rights are unimportant, as is their education; students are regularly suspended for non compliance to the uniform code even if their school work is excellent. If uniform-requiring...
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