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In a way school uniforms are neat and it would make the students look professional but The United States is suppose to be a country of freedom and individuality. Everyone is unique and by making students wear school uniform is violating the first amendment. Telling students that they have to dress all the same is ridiculous. There is a lot of reasons to prove that schools should not make their students wear uniforms.

People in my age often express themselves through the clothing that they are wearing. Taking that expression away will not make students do better in school. Uniform prevents students from displaying their fashion sense. Experts says, “forcing uniforms is detrimental to a child’s development.” Individuality is definitely a big part of the student’s life, it would prepare them for the real world and school uniforms would keep students from that.

Another reason is school uniform cost too much money. Uniforms may be cheaper than branded of designer clothing, but you need to buy clothes to wear for non-school as well as on weekends. This imposes an additional expense on parents. This can be a real pain for low income families with multiple kids. With normal clothing parents have an option to a buy from discount stores and save a huge amount of money.

Dress codes can never be fulfilled by students. Students can always find ways to break the code to suit their taste. Students can also find ways to stylize their uniforms. For example, students may not tuck their shirt or roll the sleeves. It is nearly impossible to prevent the students from displaying their personal taste even in uniforms. When I was in 8th grade it was a school requirement that PE shirt must be tucked in, but everyday, when everyone change their clothes to PE uniform, no one tucks their shirt in. That is only a PE uniform, what if it is a regular school uniform?

Taking away self expression, parents’ money and setting rules will not the students’ behavior better....
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