school uniform

Topics: Clothing, Dress code, Education Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: June 4, 2014
School uniform
1. Save time >< take u more time to washing by hand than picking up, you’re unorganized, chậm chạp. 2. Have good memory >< can wear ao lop when u take picture 3. No discrimination >< u think rich ppl are more than poor ppl. They still have their group, they aren’t lonely, don’t have to suffer that feeling.

4. While school uniforms might eliminate choice-related stress, they also limit the ways in which students can express themselves visually. Clothing is a major way in which human beings -- especially young people -- communicate their personalities to the world without having to speak or perform physical behaviors 5. 2) Some uniforms look awful.

3)Sometimes forces people to wear clothes they aren’t comfortable in. 4)While you can accesorize (ie necklaces, wrist bands, watches etc) you do not get to wear the clothes you buy. 5)Takes away indidualism and creativity.

6) You pay the school more money because you have to buy the uniform. 7)Most likely your uniform has the school logo, so outside of school people absolutely 8) Constant laundry
9)Hassle to go home and change 1st before you go anywhere
10) Makes you stand out in a crowd of people wearing regular clothing. 6. However, opponents of uniforms claim that wearing them limits freedom of creating your own style. Thus, it kills developing students’ individualities and does not allow to express themselves. Furthermore, if the uniforms are forced, students will not want to wear them. For this reason at schools might quickly appear rebellion and other problems. Finally, contrary to popular belief, uniforms are not always inexpensive. Every student needs to buy more than one full complement of clothing, which can be hard for families of modest means. 7. Discrimination : School uniforms may not successfully create an atmosphere of student equality. Even if all students are wearing the same clothes,...
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