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Topics: Education, Bullying, Clothing Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Benefits of School Uniform
June 24, 2011
Tanya Jackson
My daughter at the age of 5 loved Strawberry Shortcake. When I took her school shopping for kindergarten she was so excited to be able to get new Strawberry Shortcake sneakers. She put them on the first day of school and danced around, showing them off. That afternoon she walked into the house crying, ripped the shoes off of her feet, stomped over to the trash can and threw them in. After much persuasion I discovered that the kids on the bus harassed her because of her shoes and called her all kinds of names. The purpose of my speech is to relate to you why school uniforms are essential not only to our children’s self-esteem, but their safety and education as well. The three main reasons that I think that uniforms should be used in public schools Diminish economic and social barriers between students

Decrease crime and theft
Increase in grades and attendance

How uniforms diminish the economic and social barriers between students Everyone wears the same things
By mandating school uniforms you lose the “fashion show” that school has become. No one has to worry about who has the new $100 jeans because they are not allowed. With uniforms it does not matter how much money that a student’s family has, there making it harder to separate the “rich kids” from the “poor kids”

By utilizing school uniforms there is a decrease in crime and theft in schools By eliminating the name brands from the clothing that students are allowed to wear to school you are able to eliminate the theft of such items as well as bulling and taunting A case that studied the effects of implementing school uniforms in Long Beach, CA. Within four years Overall school crime dropped by 91%

School suspensions dropped by 90%
Sex offenses dropped by 90%
Vandalism dropped by 69% By eliminating the fashion show that school has become kids are able to concentrate more on their school work and spend less time on...
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