School Uniform

Topics: Clothing, Education, Uniform Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: October 11, 2011
School Uniform

The debate of whether or not to wear a uniform to school has been going on in the United States for decades. Some support it; others do not. It is mainly the adults who support it and the rebellious children and teens that do not. It began in the 1990’s for state schools. A uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of a certain profession, rank, team, area, school, etc. It is often mandatory, and without it is sort of the unthinkable. There are uniforms for almost everything from school to sports teams. A uniform helps distinguish a person, so uniforms are very important for many reasons. Someone would not be confused to be someone who he or she is not. It would be chaos in a sports events, war, jail, etc. if there were no uniform. Uniforms are very practical. I think uniforms should be worn to school. Firstly, wearing uniforms will help the consumer save money. Uniform pants go for around $15 at stores, while designer and the best jeans (the ones students will choose to wear since it is popular and they are usually not paying). It is cheaper to buy uniform than letting the children choose what to wear. You will only have to buy the more expensive clothes for weekends or when you are not at school. Everyone is dressed the same so you cannot tell from the rich children and the poor ones based on clothing. It puts less pressure on parents having to scrap out sums of money for their children’s latest fashion craze and on designer labels. Young people feel that wearing the same outfit often or not wearing what everybody else is wearing is embarrassing. Because the students are all wearing the same thing, they experience less peer pressure. Who would know that more about wearing school uniform in the eyes of students than students at school that require uniform? Students have no problem wearing the same thing over again (if washed), but it makes them seem poor to rich and popular students (the ones who usually make fun of and do not get...
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