School Uniform Debate

Topics: Clothing, Peer group, Education Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: October 24, 2013
School uniforms
Save money-- don’t need to buy many casual clothes for school days. Parents only need to buy school uniforms for their children. (School uniforms can save parents a lot of money as they then only need to buy their children casual clothes to wear on the weekends. Otherwise, parents need to constantly replenish their child's wardrobe with the latest fashions, which can be very expensive. They would need to provide clothes for 5 days of every week plus weekends, sports and club activities. Uniforms are a special money saver during the growing years, when students outgrow their clothes every few months.)

Promote equality- poor students may feel themselves inferior, when other students wear expensive clothes to school. (Distinctions made on the basis of economic status are reduced. With everyone dressed similar, students will judge others based on character instead of the clothes they wear.)

Protect students- When students are bullied or injure, passerby can know which school the students from and help them contact the school as soon as possible. (peer pressure)

It doesn't allow a student to express themselves and be an individual – Girls may think that school uniforms damage their self-image. Wearing the same uniforms every day is boring. Students can’t choose clothes that they want to wear to school. Everyone wears the same uniforms and can’t outstand personalities. Parents can’t identify their children easily-In natural disasters, such as earthquakes and fires, all the students wear the same uniforms and stay in a safe place, how can parents identify their children quickly to take them home? If their children are missing, how can parents describe their children to policemen, firemen or other people? Difficulties Adjusting to Adulthood –

(Many experts believe that uniforms control the social development of children. Having your child not choose his own clothing every day and having all his peers be on the same level as him...
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