School Uniform Policy

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Having a school uniform policy is necessary in the public school system. There are a few issues that can be prevented by having a uniform policy not just at school, but also at home. They are essential for school students because it allows them all to look the same and they do not have to keep up with all the current fashion trends while in school. It is also an economic factor with saving parents money.

Parents will spend on average a few hundred dollars per year on clothing just to make their children happy and so they keep up with the latest fashion trends. A store like Gap and American Eagle sells a piece of clothing for around $25 each. Parents can really find this money useful when it comes time to pay bills. Uniforms are cheap in the long run compared to having to buy five different outfits in the wintertime. Then another five outfits for the fall/spring time. That will total out to $500 a year on clothes for one child and that’s the minimal. If you had a school uniform you might only need three a week. An average school uniform costs around $36.95. If you buy three of them for the year it will only be $110.85. Parents would be saving $389.15 by having a school uniform.

There is the possibility of violence due to what a person wears. If a student comes to school in new sneakers or new sports jersey there is the chance he or she could get robbed of those items. Having a school uniform can decrease the amount of theft on school property. When every student is dressed the same there is no reason for anybody to steal another person’s clothes or shoes. If a person comes to school dressed in gang colors, it can cause a hostile environment. Another student who might be wearing rival gang colors might attack the one student. The attacks can lead to violence like stabbings and school shootings. A school uniform policy would make it a lot harder for strangers to sneak into a school, because they will stick out because of the way they are dressed.

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