School Uniform should not be banned

Topics: Education, High school, Dress code Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Many people haven’t thought of all the great things school uniforms have to offer. Many students do not favour the idea of school uniforms, but I strongly disagree. I think uniforms are essential for every school needs them. I think this because school uniforms help student academically perform better, prevents bullying and school uniforms make school a safer place School uniform would help students to academically perform better, as it removes distraction. Many educators and sociology experts believe that students who wear school uniforms perform better academically at school. Students are often so focused on their wardrobe that it distracts them from learning. Some experts believe that a uniform policy will remove this distraction and improve student attention. They believe uniforms sets a more serious ambiance within the school environment that is suitable to learning and can improve student performance. They also believe that school uniforms improve student attendance. Many parents report that their children spend a great deal of time planning and choosing their daily clothing, and that uniforms allow students to use this time to sleep or study. While some students dislike the idea of school uniforms, because it limits how they can express themselves, it can prevent them from wearing inappropriate clothes. School uniforms prevent bullying. Not everyone is wealthy, and stylish clothes these days can be very expensive and people simply can’t afford them, students could be bullied because of how they dress. If everyone were to wear the same thing, everyone would be equal and school uniforms can be a cheap way to promote unity among fellow students. Wearing the same uniform encourages students to behave friendly, helps to develop good social skills and a sense of belonging. When students wear the same uniform, they feel more connected with each other and learn to pay more attention the person’s identity, not the persons clothing. School uniforms were designed to...
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