School Uniforms

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To Lakeview Hope Academy

Dear Administrator,
Students, parents, and school officials would all benefit from the introduction of mandatory school uniforms. Enforcing school uniforms for students offers great options for low income households, peer pressure, and classroom disruptions. The dress code has been an ongoing battle for school faculty and students for years. However, I believe that sufficient progress has not been made and uniforms are the answer. Uniforms allow the students to look professional, clean, and well maintained. Uniforms provide a sense of security and stability to the kids who wear them. Lakeview hope academy should enforce uniforms because it will be affordable to parents, protect kids from being bullied, and help remove inappropriate clothing from schools. As a parent it is very hard to provide name brand clothing for my children with a low income. Uniforms will lower the amount of money needed for clothing in many ways. Having uniforms means buying fewer outfits for the school year. School uniforms are less expensive than brand-name clothing. The school district or uniform manufacturers also have the option to provide financial support for low income households.

School uniforms promote social equality among students because they diminish socioeconomic differences. Some families have low income and only have hand me downs to wear which can cause teasing from other students. The teasing causes unwanted stress, lowers self-esteem, and creates an unhealthy atmosphere for both staff and students. With uniforms students can form friendships based on mutual interests and respect rather than what clothing one person is or is not wearing. This will reduce peer pressure, stress, promote a healthy environment, and let students focus on more important things like academics.  

Inappropriate clothing is a distraction to students because of suggestions made on them or the amount of skin shown. Short skirts, tube tops,...
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