School Uniforms

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School Uniforms
School uniforms, the topic that leaves California debating for decades has made its way into the Supreme Court, but has not been resolved completely. States are still undecided whether uniforms should be enforced, but statistics show that upon implementation of school uniforms, the overall crime rate has decreased by 91% and student suspension had also dropped by 90%. School uniforms should be enforced because uniforms help prevent judgment among students, they are cheaper than casual clothing, and they encourage a sense of discipline.

To start off, judgment among students is a worldwide problem. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. Many of these teens are ostracized due to the fact that they cannot afford the name brand clothing, which can lead to depression or an inability to concentrate on schoolwork. Although uniforms cannot stop bullying, it will at least prevent students who aren't dressed according to the latest trends from getting picked on for their choice of clothes. Secondly, families of lower classes will be able to afford clothing for students at a much cheaper cost in the long run. School uniforms can save parents a lot of money, as they would only need to buy their children clothes for the weekend and special occasions. Although some parents believe that uniforms cost more than buying clothes for school and the weekends, uniforms are designed to be more durable compared to casual clothing, and will last longer while still looking nice. Lastly, parents will also save money when children outgrow their uniforms, for they would only need to buy at most 5 pair of uniforms instead of replacing their children’s whole closet, spending an average of more than $1,700 a year. Lastly, uniforms help create a sense of discipline in schoolwork. School uniform makes students look at their education seriously. A student putting on their uniform and going to school is like an adult putting on a suit and going...
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