School Uniforms

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School Uniforms in public Schools
I remember I never wear the cutest or fancy clothes or was with the latest trend of fashion and was left out a lot when friends of mine were talking about the clothes when I was in public school. I always felt like I do not belong, but I never wanted to buy expensive or fancy clothing just to make myself feel included by friends of mine. Even though the individuality of students is very important to express him/her self, uniforms lower the referrals of discipline and also helps the students to focus on their learning so it should be adopted in schools.Uniform in public school is a necessity for students to concentrate on their studies, not on how they look in their fancy dresses; also it reduces discipline referrals and draws a good reputation in society or schooling system. Reasons Why Students and Parents are against Uniforms in School: Many public school students believe uniforms in school are restraining the freedom of expression of the people and it also does not creates diversity, so the uniforms should not be introduced in schools. Without the means of expressions in the clothes of students, they may turn in to making inappropriate hair styles, makeup or jewelry, this one example of how uniforms restrict. But students may find a way to show the others their personality in their jewelry or hair or hairstyle, if they are restricted of their choice of clothing. Uniforms asphyxiate children who feel beggared of their individualism. If the student gets acclimated to getting admired for their not looks but for their mind, then the world outside could come as a surprise to them. Even if uniforms reduce the level of violence and everybody is equally treated, the world outside does not run as smoothly and orderly as it would in a school. These are some reasons and facts as to why; teens, parents and many children against uniforms in school. Importance and Benefits of...

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