School uniforms

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School uniforms
I am against school uniforms because there is not reason for them but to keep us looking appropriate and not dress inappropriate for class. The benefits of not having a uniform is be yourself, be comfortable, have your own style, and stand out. Not having uniforms lets us be ourselves and not feel like we are trying to be someone that we aren't. Having to wear a uniform is uncomfortable. We want to be comfortable at school because wearing a uniform for girls we are in skirts so we have to sit all fancy and nice and we have to change our body language just for uniforms. If you went a take a student for how they dressed now and put them in a uniform you would see so much of them change just because of a uniform. Have your own style is what makes you the person you are and makes you stand out to be yourself and show people who are and what you stand for and what your into and shapes who you are and is a piece of your personality. It also helps out people to let you know if this is the kind of person you should be hanging out with. Like the Emo all black, gangster sag there pants, sweet girls all pink, and etc what we wear is what makes us who we are and tells you who we are. Our clothing makes a judgement on us and puts us as who we are. If we had uniforms it would be so different people wouldn't know who they are and we would all be the same when we were born to stand out from the rest of these people. Putting us all in one same outfit os going to cause so much and people wouldn't know who to hang with and who not to hang with. We come to school to get an education not to be told what to wear and how to look. On the other hand if we did have uniforms we would be having people showed up dressed like gangsters, inappropriate people, we would all be appropriate and teachers wouldn't have to worry about telling kids to change or to see how long there shorts or skirts are. You get to be yourself, be comfortable, have your own style, stand out, know who...
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